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The National Training Agency of Trinidad and Tobago (NTATT) has been mandated by Cabinet Minute 736 of 27/03/08 to develop a labour force that is competent, innovative, enterprising and entrepreneurial. This mandate has led to the development, implementation and maintenance of standardized curricula that would provide all training institutions with regional and international accreditation. In addition, institutions would be informed about the training, processes and procedures needed to produce a world class labour force.

The National Curriculum utilizes an internationally approved design that incorporates the most modern learning and instructional theories associated with Competency Based Education and Training (CBET). The design adheres strictly to the principles of a performance based curriculum where knowledge, skills, attitudes and outcomes are subjected to rigorous performance criteria and performance standards.

In developing these documents, consultations were held with stakeholders in industry including employers, internal and external verifiers, instructors from training institutions and experts in the various fields. However, since curriculum development is an ongoing process where change and innovations occur regularly, users are advised to contact us at for any query related to these curricula.

Below is the list of National Curruculm that are available. Click on the curriculum to preview or download document.