Occupational Standards (OS) define the knowledge, skills and attitudes required for effective workplace performance. They specify what a person should know and do in order to carry out the functions of a particular job in the context of the work environment.

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An apprenticeship is an integrated system of education and training that combines practical work experiences (on-the-job) with related technical off-the-job training.  Apprenticeships thus combine applied knowledge and skills with professional experiences directly related to the workplace. The outputs of such training are skilled graduates with occupational competencies that are certified and recognized by the industry. Read more

♦ Employers’ Guide, Registration of Apprenticeship Programmes
♦ Apprenticeship Programme Registration Criteria
♦ Apprenticeship Programme Registration Guidelines
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In keeping with the mandate of the NTA, to evaluate the current labour market, the Research, Planning and Development Department is recognized as the hub of the NTA for the production of Labour Market Studies.

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♦ Downloadable Reports (Labour Market Reports Skills Foresight Assessments and TVET Research Reports)
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 National Tracer Study of Participants in Skills Training (2022)


Documents for Training Providers / WACs applying for Centre Approval. Read more

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The Accreditation Council of Trinidad and Tobago (ACTT) and the National Training Agency (NTA) are pleased to announce the approval of the National Qualifications Framework of Trinidad and Tobago (NQF-TT). Read more

♦ NQF Press Release
♦ NQF Fact Sheet
♦ Report on CARICOM Qualifications Framework


The National Training Agency (NTA) in Trinidad and Tobago is responsible for the coordination and regulation of the national Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) system.  In June 2019, the NTA was accepted as a member of the UNEVOC Network and as such, the NTA is now an approved UNEVOC Centre, the first of its kind in Trinidad and Tobago. Read more