Introducing the TVET Control Centre

The National Training Agency, National TVET Control Centre is an online database designed to collect and store information about

  • Training Providers that are Enterprise, Community, Institution and School based
  • Training Programs
  • Trainers / Assessors
  • Trainers / Graduates
  • …..within the TVET System


The National TVET Control Centre provides the NTA with the ability to efficiently manage:

  • Assessment Centres
  • Assessors
  • Registered Training Providers
  • Candidates
  • Qualification Plans and Units

The National Training Agency TVET Control Centre

The National Training Agency: National TVET Control Centre houses the records of all government qualification plans and their associated units. The database also maintains candidate records who have successfully completed a unit towards achieving a National Certification.

The National Training Agency was given the mandate to develop a National Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Registry as part of a broader strategy for rationalizing all technical and vocational education and training initiatives in Trinidad and Tobago. The National TVET Registry will be used to inventorize, assess and reorganize the existing skills training programmes to facilitate a more coherent training system.

Objectives of the TVET Control Centre

  • To coordinate, harmonize, standardize, monitor and evaluate all TVET in Trinidad and Tobago through the establishment of a National TVET system
  • To collect, store and retriev​e information about training providers within the TVET system
  • To create an inventory of TVET skills within a centralized database
  • To create a database of job vacancies, job opportunities and training needs
  • To provide real time TVET information to the general public
  • To provide training providers with access to technology and management information systems for data collection and information output.