Mission, Vision, Core Values

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To regulate and harmonise the quality, relevance and efficiency of the TVET system to support sustainable national and regional development and global competitiveness.


To be a key facilitator for the development of a highly-skilled, enterprising and globally competitive workforce in support of sustainable economic and social development.

Core Values

Integrity – We uphold honesty in everything that we do. We adhere to sound ethical principles in all our decisions and actions to ensure that our products and services reflect transparency.

Customer Focus – We dedicate ourselves to listening, understanding and responding to the concerns of the people who matter most to us. We share a relentless commitment to meeting and exceeding their expectations in our service delivery and products.

Partnership – We value our relationship with our stakeholders and clients. We recognize that the NTA needs their support and co operative spirit, and we appreciate all their efforts in fulfilling our mandate.

Innovation – We are creative problem solvers. We anticipate change in our environment and see this as an opportunity for progress as well as improvement. We are people with an enterprising spirit who accept the risk taking that is inherent in challenging conventional thinking and we thrive on new ideas from every level of staff.

Quality – We pride ourselves on excellent products and outstanding service delivery. We share a passion for quality and recognize that it is not limited to our product and services but to our performance. We seek to excel in service delivery by continuously monitoring and evaluating our progress in order to remain the best.

Teamwork – We will by collaborating and cooperating feverishly with one another. We encourage and welcome individual and diverse expertise while simultaneously recognizing that we share the common goal of achievement.

Respect – We treat our internal and external customers and our stakeholders with respect and fairness. We will be thoughtful of others needs and opinions and do our best to build and sustain a mutual trust in our everyday business activities

Employee Well Being – Employees are key to our business success. We value and highly regard the well being of all our employees. We strive to ensure that they understand their indefinite worth to the organization and are able to maximize their skills to the full benefit of the National Training Agency.