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Labour Market Reports/Skills Foresight Assessments​

Labour Market Survey Culinary Arts 2021

Skills Foresight Assessment of the Hospitality and Tourism Sector 2020

A Quantitative Study of the Manufacturing Sector-Labour Market Demands in Six (6) Manufacturing Sub-Sectors 2019

Skills Foresight Assessment – Renewable Energy 2018

Skills Foresight Assessment – Yachting 2018

Skills Foresight Assessment – Ship Repair and Dry Docking 2017

Personal Services (Laundry & Dry Cleaning) Sector Survey 2016

Health Sector Survey (Allied care and Hospital Services) 2016

Health Sector Survey (Pharmaceuticals) 2016

Personal Services Sector Survey (Commercial Cleaners) 2016

Construction Sector Survey (Air Conditioning & Electrical Installation) 2016

Health Sector Survey (Scientific & Diagnostic Labs and Testing) 2016

Financial Services Sector Survey (Insurance Companies) 2015

Quantitative Study of the Agriculture Sector-Primary Production 2015

Creative Industries (Music and Entertainment) 2015

Creative Industries (Television, Film and Theatre) 2015

Financial Services Sector Survey (Credit Unions) 2015

Personal Services Sector (Sports Industry) 2015

Public Utilities Sector Survey 2015

Education and Training Sector Survey (Secondary, Post-Secondary and Tertiary) 2015

Education Sector Survey (Early Childhood Care and Education) 2015

Creative Industries (Fashion and Design) 2015

Food and Beverage Manufacturing Industry Sector Survey 2015

Quantitative Study of the Energy Sector Survey 2014

Personal Services Sector Survey (Hair, Face, and Body) 2014

Quantitative Study of the Printing and Packaging Industry of Trinidad 2014

The Banking Subsector Survey Report 2013

Hospitality and Tourism Sector Survey Report 2013

TVET Research

The Status of Employability Skills in Trinidad and Tobago 2017